Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Tour de Watts will take place on Saturday, January 14th at 9:00am. Part of Bike Winter! This ride is free and all are welcome. Helmets strongly encouraged and are required by law if under 18.

Location: The Watts Towers at 1727 East 107th Street, Los Angeles, CA

Parking is very limited, participants are encouraged to take public transportation. The Watts Towers are accessible from the 103rd Street Blue line Station, and the Imperial/Wilmington Blue Line/Green Line station.

Ride length: 7 or 14miles.

Route: We will be traveling from the Watts Towers, about 2 miles on the street and about 5.5 miles along the Comptom Creek bike path. The bike path ends at the Del Amo station of the Blue Blue Line. Less Experienced riders can take the Blue Line from that point back to the Watts Towers. Others can return the same way we came.

The pace will be very easy.

This is a “some riders left behind” ride; there is no support for breakdowns or blowouts. Bring money, tokens, or monthly passes for access to the blue line.

Upon return to the Watts Towers Particpants can take a Tour of the Watts Towers of Simon Rodia. Tours are available for $5. More information at the Watts Towers Arts Center.

There might be booths and then there might not be booths to get stuff like fruit and soda, or water...but stay tuned!

This ride is all about urban green space, how we use it, where it is and what we can do with it.


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